Disclaimer: The POS functionality on Zenoti Mobile V2 is only supported on iPads and Android tablets; it is not available on iPhones and Android phones.


Guests avail packages with scheduled payments as it allows them to pay the total package price in planned instalments. For a package with scheduled payments, the number of instalments is defined while setting up the package on the web. Hence, when a guest walks into a salon to buy a package that has pre-defined instalments, the option to create or edit the payment schedule appears automatically in the new Point of Sale on Zenoti Mobile V2.

For more information, explore the different actions you can perform using the Payment Schedule.

In this article, you will learn how to sell a series package with scheduled payments.

To sell a package with scheduled payments

1. In Zenoti Mobile, tap POS, search for the guest and open a new invoice.

The invoice opens.

2. Tap Packages.

3. Search for the package name in the search field or scroll down the list to select a package with scheduled payments.

4. Tap Add+.

After you add the package with scheduled payments to the invoice, the Schedule Payments button appears on the top-right corner of the invoice.

4. To apply a discount or active benefits to the invoice, tap Continue.

5. After applying the discount, tap Continue to edit the payment schedule and collect payment.

5. To edit the payment schedule before closing the invoice, tap the Schedule Payments option.

A pop-up message appears asking you to add a card for the payment schedule.

Note: If a card on file is mandatory, you will not be allowed to create a payment schedule without it. If a card on file is optional, you can choose to skip the step to add a card and select another payment type to collect the payment.

6. Enter the card details and tap Submit.

The Custom Payments Schedule window opens. You can view the upcoming and past installment dates in this window, add new installment dates, or edit the pre-defined installment dates. You can also edit the installment amount, select a payment type for each installment or delete an installment.

7. After editing the payment schedule, tap Save and Close. If no change is required to the schedule, tap Cancel.

8. Proceed to take the payment and close the invoice.

You have successfully sold a package with scheduled payments.

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