Watch this video to understand how employees can declare cash tips when they check out for the day (from the Appointment Book or ZMA).

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Some countries such as the US, mandate that businesses provide the ability for employees to declare cash tips they earn in the day. Employees in such countries are considered compliant with local laws when they declare cash tips they earn – this is for accurate tax deductions.

For example, Tina, an employee may have got a tip of $10 in cash directly from a guest. Note that this is not a tip that is paid using the normal channel, the POS.

Note: Your business may already track tips coming in via the POS. With the declare tips option, your business gives employees the means to record cash tips they receive directly from guests to stay compliant with local laws.

Note: You can also declare cash tips from Zenoti Mobile App (ZMA).

Important notes

  • Employees can declare cash tips for the day when they check out.

  • Employees may declare cash tips for a previous day.

  • Employees declare such cash tips on their own – managers cannot declare cash tips on employees’ behalf.

Declare cash tips

Before you begin

You can declare tips only if your administrator or business owner has enabled the following configurations at the organization level (Admin icon > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Employee):

  • Enable employee tip declaration (setting is ON/selected)

  • Restrict employee check in and check out to logged in user (setting is Yes)

  1. Click the Employee check in/ out icon on the Appointment Book.
    The Declare Cash Tips window opens. You will see all the cash tips that you have declared per day for the current pay period.

  2. In the Declared Tips for the Day field, enter the total cash tip amount you earned during the day.
    Note: You can also enter tips for previous days.

  3. Click Declare & Continue.

  4. Update or enter cash tips for any of the previous days you see (in the current pay period).

  5. Click Submit.

    You have successfully declared the total cash tips for the day.
    You can see these cash tips in the Employee Payroll Summary and the Employee Payroll Details report under the column, Declared Cash Tips.

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