1. Will Zenoti notify me when I raise a dispute?
    Yes, you will get an e-mail from Zenoti with all the details of the dispute – this is the email ID with which you have set up the Zenoti Payments account.

  2. Who will get the dispute notification mail?
    The dispute notification will be sent to the following:

    • Employees configured as a Centre Manager

    • Anyone with the Owner role

    • Any registered email address as recorded in the payment settings

  3. What should I do when I receive a dispute notification?
    Contact the guest and convince them to withdraw the dispute.

  4. Can a dispute be raised in card-present transactions?
    Yes, a guest can raise a dispute for any transaction.

  5. What is the period for submitting the evidence?
    The dispute notification email specifies the date by which you must submit the evidence. Usually, it is around 2 weeks from the time of raising a dispute.

  6. What should I do if I cannot send the evidence in time?
    The dispute is closed and is ruled against you if you fail to submit evidence on time. Once a dispute is closed, it cannot be reopened.

  7. How long does it take to get a final decision on a dispute?
    A final decision on a dispute can take around 60 to 90 days - this varies with different card brands and issuing banks.

  8. How can a I as a business owner track the status of the dispute?
    You can track the dispute status using the “Zenoti Payments - Dispute” report. Navigate to Reports icon > Finance > Collections > Zenoti Payments - Disputes.

  9. What can I do if the dispute is closed, but I still disagree with it?
    The decision of the issuer bank is final, and the dispute cannot be reopened. However, you can take a legal recourse directly with the guest.

  10. Can I win a dispute partially?
    No, you either win or lose a dispute.

  11. Are there any charges associated with a dispute?
    Yes, if you lose a dispute, you pay a dispute fee of $15.00. If you win the dispute, there is no charge.

  12. How is the dispute fee charged?
    If there is a saved card for your business with Zenoti (usually for a subscription fee), a dispute fee of $15 is charged to this card. Else, an invoice of $15 for every dispute lost is sent to your business.

  13. Is there a report to track the dispute fee?
    No, there isn't a report to track the dispute fee.

  14. When am I charged a dispute fee?
    Zenoti checks for disputes monthly and if there are any disputes lost, you are charged the dispute fee.

  15. Where can I check the credit/debit history of disputed transactions?
    You can use the Collections - Online Transactions report to track the credit/debit of the disputed amount. The Status column of the report will have the status as either Chargeback or Chargeback Reversed.

  16. How to manage the dispute with auto payment?
    Disputes with auto payment are just like any other disputes and require proper evidence to be sent. Apart from the other pieces of evidence, you must submit auto pay consent by the guest and T&C of auto payment laid down by your organization.

  17. What file formats can I use to submit evidence?
    You can submit evidence in jpg, jpeg, tiff, and pdf.
    Note: You can upload only one document. So, if you have multiple files, merge them into a single file.

  18. How can I submit multiple documents as evidence?
    All pieces of evidence can be inserted in a single word file. The word file then needs to be saved as or converted to a pdf.

  19. How can I avoid the dispute fee of $15?
    You can avoid the dispute fee only under the following circumstances:

    • If the guest cancels the dispute, or

    • If you win the dispute.

  20. How can a guest collect the dispute cancellation letter?
    After the guest cancels or withdraws the dispute from the issuing bank, they can request the cancellation letter from the bank.

  21. If I lose the dispute, is there a way to charge the Guest (with his/her consent) for the value of the lost dispute?
    If you lose a dispute and want to charge guests with their consent, you can sell a gift card in Zenoti, for the price of the disputed transaction and keep its value as $0.1.
    Example: Disputed transaction cost: $50. The cost of the gift card will be $50, and the value of the gift card will be $0.1.

  22. How to handle a dispute with a payment processor other than Zenoti Payments? (Example: Worldpay)
    You will receive the details directly from the processor to handle such scenarios.
    Note: Zenoti Dispute Report does not capture disputes from other processors.

  23. What measures can I take to reduce the number of disputes?
    To reduce the number of disputes, it is highly recommended to:

    1. Enter the Guest Statement Descriptor clearly. This helps the guest understand the charges from your business.

    2. Lay down the policies and agreements properly and get them signed by the guest. Agreements may include membership agreements, package agreements, service and cancellation agreements.

  24. Can I refund a disputed transaction?
    No, you cannot refund a transaction until the result of the dispute is declared in your favor.

  25. Why should you not consider a refund as an option after the transaction is disputed?
    In Zenoti, you cannot refund a disputed transaction. If you refund the transaction amount outside Zenoti, and lose the dispute, you will technically lose the disputed amount twice.

  26. Can I raise a dispute against a refunded transaction?
    Yes, but if the refunded amount is more than 90% of the transaction amount, the dispute will be auto defended by the processor (Zenoti Payments). But if the refunded amount is less than 90%, you must provide the refund details as evidence to increase your chances of winning the dispute.

  27. Who should I reach to for any assistance on disputes?
    You can contact Zenoti support for any assistance.

  28. When does a dispute get auto-defended?
    A dispute is auto-defended:

    • If more than 90% of the disputed amount is already refunded, or

    • If there are multiple chargebacks for one capture/transaction, or

    • If there are 16 fraudulent chargebacks on the same Mastercard, or

    • If a chargeback is initiated after the predefined timeline (in case of product delivery only)

  29. What if I lose an auto-defended chargeback?
    It is a rare possibility to lose a dispute in the case of an auto-defended chargeback. In case you lose it, please reach out to Zenoti support within 2 days of result declaration. Zenoti will then reach out to payment processor to revert the dispute decision.

  30. Is it a problem if multiple disputes are raised against my business?
    Yes, a consistent high dispute ratio (more than 0.75% is considered an excessive dispute rate) can lead to a fine from the payment processor. In extreme cases, the customer's payout may be stopped or the merchant account may be shut down.

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