Businesses bring in cash everyday - to make payments for smaller purchases, to pay tips to employees in cash, or to pay cash to guests. Zenoti enables businesses to track such cash in a separate cash register. The cash added, paid out, or transferred is tracked as business cash in Zenoti, and is reflected in the Register Closure report.

Typically, businesses close their register at the end of every day. The Cash Register data source provides summary details of every register closure, such as opening balance, how much cash was added, and how much cash was paid out. The fields in this data source largely correspond to the fields in the Register Closure report. For more information, refer to the Register Closure Report Help article.

Additionally, refer to the following Help articles to learn how to:

Example Use Cases

  • Expected and actual cash in the register at the time of every register closure

  • Adjustments in cash at the time of every register closure

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