When a guest cancels an appointment, the business charges a cancel to compensate the service provider for the lost time. However, it is not wise to charge the same cancellation fee for all service providers in some cases.

Many businesses use price scaling to compensate service providers based on their experience and popularity with returning guests. To support the same price scaling method of paying service providers, an organization setting allows businesses to choose which price to use to calculate the cancellation fees.

To set cancellation fee for an appointment

1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

2. Click the Settings tab and expand Appointment Book.

3. Locate Appointment Cancellation Fees setting.

4. Select Override at center level.

4. Select Apply Cancellation Fees.

5. In the Charge field, enter the percentage amount and, from the drop-down list, select if you want to charge the fee of the list price or scale price.

You can charge:

  • of the list price as Cancellation fee

  • of the scaled price as Cancellation fee

6. If you don't want to charge the fee of the list or scale price, select Flat amount and enter the value in the field.

7. You can also add the timeline (number of hours) to apply cancellation fees when a customer decides to cancel the appointment before a certain time. See the image below.

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