After you enter your business details, you must enter the details of shareholders of your business.

Important: You must provide the details of all the individuals who own 25% or more in your company. If no one owns more than 25%, provide the identity of the individual who can make decisions on behalf of your business.

To add a shareholder

  1. Click Add Shareholder.
    The Add Shareholder screen appears.

  2. Enter the following information:

    • Nationality: From the nationality drop-down list, select the appropriate nation of the shareholder.

    • Shareholder ID Proof: From the drop-down list, select any one of the following and upload the respective document:

      • Passport

      • ID Card

      • Driving License
        Note: You can view the uploaded documents by clicking Preview.

    • First Name: Enter the first name of the shareholder.

    • Last Name: Enter the last name of the shareholder.

    • Date of Birth: Specify the date of birth from the drop-down list. The format is Month/Date/Year.

    • Job Title: Enter the designation or the job title of the shareholder.

    • Owns 25% or more of the business?: Select Yes if the shareholder owns more than 25%. Otherwise, select No.

    • Signatory?: Select Yes if the shareholder is an authorized signatory. Otherwise, select No.
      Note: If you mark the shareholder as a signatory, you may skip the next step (Signatory Details). You can also add more signatories if you wish to.

    • Shareholder Email Address: Enter the email address of the shareholder.

    • Shareholder Phone Number: Enter the phone number of the shareholder.

    • Home Address: Enter the following home address details:

      • Address Line 1

      • Address Line 2

      • City

      • Zip code and State

  3. Click Add Shareholder.
    You have successfully added a shareholder.

Next Step:

Enter Signatory Details

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