Service deposits allow businesses (especially small and medium businesses) to collect a portion of the service amount. In doing so, the business safeguards itself from undue cancelations or no-shows, and recovers a portion of the cost of acquiring consumable products for a service.

Collecting service deposits also ensure guests turn up for their appointments since partial payment for the services is already done.

Things to Remember

  • Service deposit cannot be configured for a service that is part of a membership, package, or a deal.

  • Service deposit is not refundable.

  • Service deposit is not supported for tiers in group booking. Regular group bookings are supported.

  • Service deposit cannot be configured if the service has a cancelation fee or no-show fee.

  • Service deposit cannot be enabled if your payment processor is one of the following:
    - EGHL
    - Freedom Pay
    - Plutus

  • If the service price is tax inclusive, the service deposit will also be tax inclusive.

To configure deposit for a service

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Resources > Services.

  3. Select a service for which you want to enable deposit collection.
    The General section of the service appears.

  4. Locate the Deposit setting.

  5. Select the Enforce Deposit for this service check box.
    Additional fields appear.

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  6. From the Deposit Type drop-down, select one of the following options:

    1. Flat Amount: Select this option if you want to charge a flat fee for the deposit.
      The Deposit box appears.
      Enter the amount in the Deposit box.

    2. Percentage: Select this option if you want to charge a percentage of the service price. For example, if the service price is $50.00 and if you want the guest to pay $10 as the deposit, enter 20% in the Deposit box.

  7. Click Save.
    You have successfully configured a service deposit.

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