Service deposit is a portion of the service amount that is collected from guests at the time of booking the service. This helps businesses (especially small and medium-sized businesses) to recover a portion of the cost of the service.

Collecting service deposits also ensures guests turn up for their appointments since partial payment for the services is already done. This is more apt for online bookings.

In Zenoti, you can configure service deposits for appointments booked from Webstore.

How does deposit collection work?

  1. Ensure that you, configure deposits at service level, before you enable this feature on Webstore v2.

  2. Next, enable the service deposit feature for webstore v2.

    1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

    2. Navigate to Organizations > Organizations.

    3. Go to the Online booking tab and select the Webstore v2 template.

    4. Expand the Appointment booking flow drop-down list and configure the service deposit settings.

  3. When your guests book an appointment for service with a deposit, the webstore prompts them to make a payment against the service deposit.

  4. Guest makes the payment and the amount of this payment is added to a prepaid card (PPC).

    A guest note is added to the appointment with PPC details.

    Note: Payment is collected irrespective of the card on file. If there is no card on file, the guests must enter their card details to make payment.

  5. After the appointment is done, at the time of payment collection, the front desk staff views the note and redeems the service deposit payment done by the guest.

    The guest then pays the balance amount.

Things to remember

  • The service for which the deposit is configured need not be the same as the services included in the guest's membership or package. This setting only considers if there is an existing active membership or package.

  • In case of cancellations, service deposits will not be refunded automatically. Front-desk staff can still refund the deposit manually, on a case-by-case basis.

  • Service deposit cannot be collected for group booking if the host is enrolled in a tiered loyalty points program. For a regular group booking, where the host is not enrolled in a loyalty points program, service deposits are collected in group booking.

  • Service deposit cannot be collected if the service has a cancelation fee or no-show fee.

  • Service deposit cannot be enabled if your payment processor is one of the following:

    • Checkout

    • Plutus

    • EBS_IN

  • If the price of the service includes tax, the service deposit also includes tax

When your guests book a service with a deposit, Webstore prompts them to make a partial advance payment.

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