Service deposits allow businesses (especially small and medium-sized businesses) to collect a portion of the service amount beforehand from guests. This helps businesses to recover a portion of cost (such as bill of material) for the service.

Collecting service deposits also ensure guests turn up for their appointments since partial payment for the services is already done. This is more apt for online bookings.

In Zenoti, your business can configure to collect deposits for appointments booked even from Webstore (v2).

How does this work?

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Things to Remember

  • Service deposit cannot be configured for a service that is part of a membership, package, or a deal.

  • For cancellations, deposits will not be refunded. Front-desk staff can still refund the deposit manually, on a case-by-case basis.

  • Service deposit is not supported for tiers in group booking. Regular group bookings are supported.

  • Service deposit cannot be configured if the service has a cancelation fee or no-show fee.

  • Service deposit cannot be enabled if your payment processor is one of the following:

    • EGHL

    • Freedom Pay

    • Plutus

  • Service deposit is tax-inclusive, if the price of the service is tax-inclusive.

Before you Begin

Ensure to configure deposits at service-level, before you enable this feature on Webstore V2.

To collect a service deposit on Webstore V2

  1. At the organization-level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Click Online Booking.

  4. Select Webstore V2 template.

  5. Expand the General settings section.

  6. Locate and switch on the Enable Deposits setting.

  7. Select any one of the following:

    • all guests: Select this option if deposit must be collected for all guests.

    • guests who do not have an active membership or package only: Select this option if you want to collect deposit only from non-members or non-package guests.

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  8. Click Publish

    You have successfully enabled service deposits for Webstore V2.

When your guests book a service with deposit, Webstore prompts them to make a partial advance payment.

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