Businesses use an accounting platform to sync financial and inventory data. For inventory, they raise an order in the vendor system, and the order details are updated in their accounting platform. You can configure Zenoti to sync the complete transfer order flow (raise, dispatch, and receive a delivery) between Zenoti and Sage Intacct.


Before you Begin

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Procurement > Orders.
    The Manage Purchase Orders & Transfers page appears.

  2. From the I want to… drop-down list, select the Add Transfer option.
    The Create a Transfer Order page appears.

  3. Select one of the following options:

    1. Transfer From to receive products at your center from the selected center. So, your center becomes the destination center.

    2. Transfer To to transfer products from your center to the selected center. So, your center becomes the source center.

  4. Add the products.

  5. Click Save & Raise.
    The order is raised in Zenoti.
    Important: The raised transfer order is synced to the accounting platform at the end of the day. If you wish to sync the order instantly, do a manual sync.

  6. To sync the order manually, based on where you have to set up the integration, click the Admin icon, and navigate to Organization > Organizations > Integrations tab or click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Centers > Integrations tab.

  7. Select Accounting.

  8. Expand the Manual Sync section.

9. For Transfer Orders, select the raised order date and click Post to post the raised transfer order to Sage.

10. After you receive the delivery at your center, in Sage Intacct, change the STO Status to Fulfilled and update the Qty Shipped.

Important: This can be done only once for each transfer order as Zenoti can get only one fulfillment status from Sage Intacct, not multiple in case of partial deliveries.

11. On the Transfer Order page, select the dispatched date (this date appears automatically). You can see the quantity is automatically updated from Sage Intacct.

12. Click Full Delivery.
The transfer order is delivered and closed and the stock is updated.

Important: Do not click Partial Delivery even if you must receive more quantity from the warehouse. To receive the remaining quantity, you must raise another order.

11. Click the Admin icon. Navigate to Organization > Organizations > Accounting Integration and expand the Manual Sync tab.

12. For Transfer Orders Fulfillment, select the date and click Get to get the fulfilled transfer order details from Sage to Zenoti.

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