You can target guests based on their last visit by a specific date or date range.

For example, if your business wants to target guests whose last visit was between Jan 1st 2021 and Feb 1st 2021, and took the Hair Color service, you can create a target Last Visit by Service segment and select the custom date range.

1. At the organization or center level, click the Marketing icon and navigate to Segmentation > Target Segments.
The Manage Target Segments page appears.

‚Äč2. Click Add.
The Create a New Segment page appears.

3. Select Create Custom Segment and click Create.
The Create a Custom Segment page appears.

4. Enter the segment name and give a brief description about the segment.

5. Click Create.
The target segment is created without any rules.

6. From the Select Category list, select Visits.

7. From the Select Criteria list, select Last Visit by Service.
In our example, we want a target segment of guests for the Hair Color service. Select this service.

8. From the Select Operator list, select the desired operator.

9. Select Custom Date from the filter and select the date or date range.

10. Select the other rules that you want to add to segment last-visit guests by service. In our example, add the rules for the Hair Color service.

11. Click Add Rule.
The rule is added for the target segment.

Important: To send a campaign with the target segment, you must go ahead and create a campaign.

Export Guest Details

To export the guests list and their details such as email addresses and phone numbers, you can export the target segment to Excel or CSV format.

You can also create a target segment for Last Visit by Therapist for a date or date range.

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