For businesses, it is important that they reach out to their guests through campaigns, marketing emails, and messages. Businesses must ensure that they have the correct guest contact details to send campaigns effectively.

1. At the organization or center level, click the Marketing icon and navigate to Segmentation > Target Segments.
The Manage Target Segments page appears.

2. Click Add.
The Create a New Segment page appears.

3. Select Create Custom Segment and click Create.
The Create a Custom Segment page appears.

4. Enter the segment name and give a brief description of the segment.

5. Click Create.
The target segment is created without any rules.

6. From the Select Category list, select Demographic.

7. From the Select Criteria list, select Guest Email or Guest Mobile Number.

8. From the Select Operator list, select is.
Another list appears.

9. From the list, select Missing.

Missing email address

Missing mobile number

10. Click Add Rule.
The rule is added for the target segment.

11. Click Save.
The target segment is created.
12. Export the guest details of the saved target segment to an Excel sheet and view the guests without an email address or mobile number.

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