Time-based discounts allow you to display discounts to your guests on the Webstore as per the time of the booking of an appointment.

You can offer discounts when booking an appointment closer to an available time slot. For example, if a booking slot is available at 5:00 PM, you can configure the discount as:

  • 1 hour before 5:00 PM - 30% Discount

  • 3 hours before 5:00 PM - 15% Discount

You can then display these discounts on the Webstore and allow your guests to book the appointment and avail discounts.

Before you begin

You must configure time-based discounts in Zenoti and specify the discount for the services.

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Online booking tab and click the Webstore v2 template.

  3. Locate and expand Deals.

  4. Configure the following settings:

    • Deals campaign code: Enter the campaign code of the deals campaign that you create.

      Only media campaigns are supported.

    • Allow center override: Turn ON this setting if you want to offer deals at the center level.

      • After you enable this setting, you must configure deals for each center where you want to display deals.

      • If you enable center override and don't configure deals for the centers individually, webstore will not display any deals for that center.

    • Deals icon text: Enter the text that appears below the deals icon on the Webstore home page.

    • Deals label: Enter the text label that appears on the deals page. The text label will have a prefix of Select the. If you enter the text Deal in this field, it will appear on the Webstore as Select the deal.

    • Deals booking button label: Enter the text label for the deal booking button.

    • Deals thank you page: You can create a customized Thank You page by inserting the HTML code of the page.

    • Deals payment terms and conditions: Enter the text for the payment terms and conditions that will appear on the appointment confirmation page.

  5. After you configure the above settings click Publish.

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