The ADP Tip Card program automatically disburses tips to your employees taking away the troubles of payroll processing and management. All the tips processed through Zenoti are sent to the Wisely pay cards (issued by ADP) of your employees. This provides peace of mind to the owners and keeps your employees happy.

Note: ADP processes the tips you pay to your employees and issues them a direct pay card “Wisely”, that employees can use as a debit card.

With this integration, you can do the following:

  • Pay tips automatically to your employee’s ADP card

  • Schedule automatic payment of tips

  • Allow your employees to receive tips daily


Ensure the following conditions are met before you begin the integration:

  1. POS Accounting Profile: Reach out to Zenoti to create a POS Accounting profile and credentials.

  2. ADP Information: Your organization must have an existing ADP Wisely account. Keep the following ADP account details handy:

    1. ADP API URL

    2. Client ID

    3. Client Secret Key

    4. Private Key Certificate: Generated during ADP’s CSR

    5. Signed Certificate provided by ADP

Third Parties in this Integration

Before you begin, it is important to be aware of the third parties involved in this integration.

  • ADP: ADP is a third party payroll processing provider and helps in processing your employee’s tips.

  • Wisely: Wisely by ADP is a suite of cost-effective payment solutions for employee payroll management and administration.

  • POS Accounting: POS Accounting is a third party provider for automating your financial data. POS Accounting helps in sending tips information from Zenoti to ADP for further processing.

How does this work?

  • Your organization uses Zenoti to manage its day to day salon operations, and it wants to pay out tips to the employees on a daily basis through ADP Wisely cards.

  • Since there are two different systems, it is very difficult for your organization to reconcile employee payroll and tips payments.

  • To bring a synchronization between the two systems (ADP and Zenoti), Zenoti connects to POS Accounting which fetches tips data from the ADP servers.

  • This allows for a seamless flow of data between Zenoti, ADP.

  • Every tip detail received after the service completion is passed onto ADP (via POS Accounting).

  • ADP then transfers the tip amount to the Wisely card of the employee at the end of the day (Zenoti processes the information and sends it to ADP via POS Accounting at a scheduled time).
    This automates the tips processing and also gives the employees an immediate access to tips.

    Note: You can schedule the time when you want the tips to be transferred to your employee’s Wisely cards.

View the flowchart for a better understanding:

To integrate ADP Tips with Zenoti

  1. Enable tips payout integration: Reach out to Zenoti Support to enable tips payout integration for your business.

  2. Configure ADP settings in POS Accounting and create Stores.

  3. Configure POS Accounting in Zenoti

After you configure this integration, you can view the following reports:

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