Before you begin, ensure that you sync data by manual sync or scheduled sync.

Note: For scheduled sync, reach out to Zenoti.

To reconcile sales and refunds

1. Click the Reports icon.

2. Search for the Invoices report.
The Sales report page appears.

3. From the Report Name filter, select the Invoices report.

4. From the Invoice Status filter, select Closed.

5. From the Date Type filter, select Closed Date.

6. From the Closed Date filter, select the duration for which you want to reconcile.

7. Click Refresh.
The report is generated.

8. Export the report and sort the Sale Date column in ascending order.

9. Note the earliest and latest sale date.

10. In the exported file, identify and highlight the list of closed invoices during the earliest and latest sale date.

11. Open the Sales Accrual report (from the new Reports dashboard).

12. From the Sale Date filter, select the earliest and latest sale date (step 9) as the sale date range.

13. From the Centers filter, select the desired centers.
To generate the report for all items, select All.

14. From the Item Type filter, select the desired items.
To generate the report for all items, select All.

Important: To reconcile both sales and refunds, ensure that All is selected from the Sale Type filter. To reconcile only refunds, select Refund from the Sale Type filter.

15. Click Refresh.

16. Create a summary on the Invoice Closed Date and Item Type columns.

17. For each invoice, verify the following amounts in the accounting integration platform:

  • Gross Sales - Refer to the Price column

  • Net Sales - Refer to the Sales(Exc.Tax) column

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