Front Desk Actions

Entering Data in V1 Digital Forms

Digital Forms V2: Enter Details in a Guest Form

Emailing Guest Form

Alert Guests and Front-Desk about New Versions of Forms

Submit Offline Membership Form

View Membership Form Log

Submit Membership Form Online

Therapist Actions

Forms Unified View: Overview

Forms Unified View - View Forms

Forms Unified View: Search for Forms

Forms Unified View: View Appointment Status and Form Status

Forms Unified View: Send Email Reminding Guest to Submit Forms

Annotate an Image in Forms

Forms Unified View: Compare Before and After Photographs

Forms Unified View: View the Service Form Log

View Form Log for the Guest Form

Submit Online Membership Form in Zenoti Mobile

Manager/Admin Actions

Upload a Custom Digital Form: Overview

Upload a Package Form

Upload Additional Forms for a Service

Upload the Guest Form

Upload a Custom Service Form

Membership Forms: An Overview

Upload the Loyalty Form

Building a Digital Form

Validate the HTML Code in Forms

View the Version History of a Form

Custom Forms Validity: Overview

Associate HTML Forms with a Service

Associate Same Form for Each Visit

Associate Different Forms for a Service

Assign a Tag to Multiple Services: Overview

Retain the Relevant Data from Previous Version of a Form

Retain Forms for Deleted, Cancelled, and No-Show Appointments

Allow Only Signed in Users to Access Guest Form Online

Allow Only Signed In Guests to Access Service and Tag Forms Online

Allow Only Signed in Users to Access Loyalty Form Online

Allow Only Signed in Users to Access Loyalty Form Online

Edit Forms

Permissions to Lock Form Editing

Enable Permission to Unlock Forms

Export Guests List with Expired or Will Expire Forms

Associate Custom Form with a Membership

Ensure the Guest Submits Membership Forms

Macros to Customize Forms for Memberships

Associate Forms to a Custom Package Template


Digital Forms FAQ

How do I Add an Image for Annotation to a Digital Form?

How do I add a signature to the HTML form?

How do I add my business logo to an HTML form?

How do I hide a section of a digital form?

How do I ensure that only therapists can fill out a form?

How do I check if a guest has filled in all the required forms for a service?

How do I utilize digital forms data to build and drive target segments/marketing effort?

From where can guests access and fill forms?

Tag Custom Forms: FAQ

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