1. How do I ensure a guest can access all relevant services in CMA?

  • To ensure all the relevant services are tagged in CMA, set the corporate (non-operational) center as the default center for online bookings, and then add all services to that center. The default center picks up all the services that are added there and shows it in CMA.

2. How can I list retail items in CMA?

  • As CMA is a mobile application that allows your guests to book an appointment conveniently from their mobile devices, retail items are not showcased in CMA. If you wish to provide your guests a way to buy their retail items from CMA, you can add your Shopify link to CMA. When a guest clicks the Shopify link, they will be redirected to Shopify where all your retail items are available.

3. How can a guest cancel an appointment in CMA?

4. How do I cancel an appointment initiated by a guest on CMA?

5. How do I enable referral marketing in CMA for a guest?

  • Follow these steps to enable referral marketing in CMA:

1. Set up the Referral Reward Program

2. Set up the Email Template & Campaigns

- Email/Text Templates & Macros

You can send automated thank you emails or texts to the referrer on each

closed invoice that has referrer code.

- Campaigns

Create a buzz with campaigns for the referral program. For this, in addition

to the other macros, you can use the [GuestReferralCode] macro to insert

the guest code of referrer in a campaign.

3. Set up the Referral Reward Email/Text Notification

4. At the organization level, click the Admin icon. Navigate to Organization > Organizations > Online Booking > CX V3 template, and then select the Enable referral in CMA checkbox.

5. At the organization level, click the Admin icon. Navigate to Organization > Organizations > Online Booking > CX V3 template > Referral Program. The settings in this template allow you to configure promotional headers, banners, texts, and images that appear for the Referral Program on the Consumer Mobile App (CMA).

Learn more about setting up referral program in CMA

6. How do I check the Auto-Pay status for a customer in CMA for a Zenoti Go


7. How do I update the Cancellation policy of CMA?

8. How do I update the About Us of CMA?

To add/edit the About Us on the CMA

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations >

    Online Booking > Webstore V1 template.

  3. Click the General section.

  4. To update the About Us, scroll down to locate the About Us setting.

  5. Enter details about your business in the text box or edit the text if you already

    have an About Us text.

  6. Click Save.
    You have successfully added/edited your About Us for the CMA.

9. How do I verify the guest form and service form intake for a service in CMA?

10. Where can I know about best practices such as App Store Optimization, Digital Campaigns to drive adoption of CMA, and Referral Program?

11. How do I learn more about the different settings that can be enabled for Zenoti Go on my CMA app?

12. How do I run campaigns through CMA?

  • You cannot run campaigns through CMA as of now.

13. How do I create a target segment using my CMA audience?

You cannot create a target segment using CMA audience as of now.

14. Why do you charge for making changes in Forms or CMA when we already pay a monthly subscription fee?

  • When you need to make a change to CMA and Forms, it requires some development effort from Zenoti, such as the charges for consulting. We charge you for this development effort. These charges for change requests in CMA and Forms are different from the monthly subscription fee that you pay for using the product.

    Note: The Digital Forms Template Library contains predefined forms which you can host yourself for free (without any additional charges). However, any change requests to modify these free forms also attract additional development and validation charges.

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