1. How do I add an image for annotation?

  2. How do I add a signature to the HTML form?

  3. How do I add my business logo to the form?

  4. How do I hide a section of the form such that only my employees can view that section?

  5. How do I ensure that only therapists can fill out a form?

  6. How do I check if a guest has filled in all the required forms for a service?

  7. How do I associate multiple forms to a service?

  8. How do I create a tag form and what is it for?

  9. How do I check the forms for a guest appointments in Zenoti Mobile App?

  10. What are the different ways the guests can fill the forms?

  11. How do I ensure all of my services are mapped to appropriate forms?

    To know all the services mapped to one form:

    1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Custom Fields> Custome Forms.

    2. Click the relevant service form hyperlink.

    3. Click the Services tab.

      The Services tab lists all the services to which this form is associated. If you see any service that is missing from this list, associate that service with this form. By repeating this process for all forms, you can ensure that all of your services are mapped to appropriate forms.

  12. How do I enable the guest intake and service forms on the relevant channels, such as CMA?

    • To enable guest custom form in the CMA template:

      1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

      2. Click the Online Booking tab and click the CMA template.

      3. Click General.

      4. Select Appointments.

      5. Turn on the Enable Guest Custom Form setting.

  13. How do I educate the salon and spa staff on using Zenoti Mobile to check customer guest form/service form status?

    In the Zenoti University course Zenoti Mobile: Introduction to Digital Forms you will learn how to start using Digital Forms (Guest and Service intake forms), and learn about information, such as the status of the guest form or service form. You can access Zenoti University from the Appointment Book, other Zenoti modules, and from a mobile device.

  14. How do I utilize digital forms data to build and drive target segments/marketing effort?

  15. How do I enable SMS and email notifications/appointment reminders?

  16. How do I mask the guest’s contact details from the therapist and service providers?

    You need to write custom JavaScript logic to mask guest contact details. Please contact your Zenoti representative to assist you in this.

  17. Why do you charge for making changes in Forms or CMA when we already pay a monthly subscription fee?

    When you need to make a change to CMA and Forms, it requires some development effort from Zenoti, such as the charges for consulting. We charge you for this development effort. These charges for change requests in CMA and Forms are different from the monthly subscription fee that you pay for using the product.

    Note: The Digital Forms Template Library contains predefined forms which you can host yourself for free (without any additional charges). However, any change requests to modify these free forms also attract additional development and validation charges.

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