In this article, you will learn how to collect payments from drop-in students. Drop-in students do not have a package, membership, or a class pass but are dropping in to take a class.

To collect payment from drop-in students

1. Launch the Point of Sale.

2. Search for the student using the phone number.

A drop-down list of search results appears.

3. Select the student from the list.
An invoice opens.

4. In the Package tab, select Drop In.

5. Click Add.

The Drop In package is added to the invoice.

6. Sell the package to the student and close the invoice.

7. Navigate back to the original student invoice on the roster showing Not Paid.

8. Click the payment status Not Paid.

The invoice opens.

9. From the Packages drop-down list, select the Drop In package.

10. Click on the play button.

The package benefit is redeemed.

11. Close the invoice.

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