Point of Sale (POS) is a place on the appointment book from where you can sell items to a student.

  1. Launch POS.
    You can launch POS from the roster dashboard or from a student entry on the roster.

The invoice window appears.

2. Search for the student by name, email address, or phone number.

The left of the invoice is to add items and make adjustments such as discounts or campaigns. While the right side is to add payment.

Left-hand Side of Invoice

You can view the following information on the left side of the invoice:

  • Student's contact information

  • Student's Profile and Invoice log

  • Discounts, Coupons, and Gift Cards

  • Additional items that you can add to the invoice

You can add any number of additional items to the invoice.

Note: From the Sale by list, ensure that for each item you select the name of the employee who sold that item to the student. This is important for employee metrics.

Right-hand Side of Invoice

The right-hand side of the invoice is to take payment from the student. There are various payment methods that you can choose from- cash, credit, custom, points, membership.

Some of these payment methods are:

  • Cash: To pay for the invoice through cash.
    - Amount: The amount paid by the student.
    - Tips: The amount the student paid for staff tips.
    - Change: The difference between the amount payable and the amount given by the student. This is auto-calculated.

  • Credit: To pay for the invoice through a card.
    If the student has a card added to the profile, you can see the details.

- Select the card on file and click Pay.

- If the student wants to use a new card, select the Use a new card option and click Pay.

  • Custom: To pay from the invoice using a custom option such as a Groupon or a complimentary class.

Irrespective of which payment method you use, after selecting the payment method click Add Payment and close the invoice.

  • Close and print the invoice

  • Close and email the invoice (to the student)

  • Close invoice

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