1. Launch POS.
    You can launch POS from the roster dashboard or from a student entry on the roster.

The invoice window appears.

2. Search for the student by scanning the keytag. Alternatively, you can also search by name, email address, or phone number.

However, if you selling to a new student, enter the student details.

Important: When you sell an item to a new student, along with the invoice, Zenoti also creates the student's profile.

If you've launched the POS from the student entry, the student details auto-populate.

3. At the bottom of the page, select the Product tab.

4. In the Product box, hit the Enter key on your keyboard and scan the barcode on the item. Alternatively, you can search for an item by entering the first three characters of the item name.

5. In the Quantity box, enter the quantity of the retail item.

6. From the Sale by list, select the employee who's sold the item to the student.

7. Click Add.

The item is added to the invoice.

8. Apply or remove a discount.

  • For a member with retail discounts, the discount is auto-applied to the applicable retail items. If you wish you remove this discount, click Remove.

  • For a non-member, if you are selling an item that's on sale, you can enter the discount (flat $ amount or %) in the Discount box.
    Important: For members, if you manually enter a discount, the original membership retail discount is removed automatically.

9. Add payment using any of the payment methods available.

10. Close the invoice.

Irrespective of which payment method you use, after selecting the payment method click Add Payment and close the invoice.

  • Close and print the invoice

  • Close and email the invoice (to the student)

  • Close invoice

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