In this article, you will learn about the different tabs of a Student Profile for Classes.

After you create a new student profile or click on an existing student's profile, the following tabs open:

1. General

This tab displays the student's contact information, credit cards on file, and student's notification preferences.

2. Notes

This tab allows the front-desk staff to view and enter any student-specific notes for future classes,

3. Classes

This tab contains details about the past and future classes,

4. Products

This tab shows the retail purchases of the student and the refund history.

5. Membership

This tab contains the active and inactive membership details.

6. Packages

This tab shows details of any active and inactive package deals.

7. Pre-paid Cards

This tab contains information about any store credit or on-hand account balances.

8. Gift Cards

This tab shows details of past gift card purchases and redemption.

9. Custom Field

This tab contains the student's Terms and Conditions form.

Note: To email, the T&C form to the student, click Send Student T&C Form Link.

10. Open

This tab shows all the open invoices the student has on their account.

11. Payments

This tab contains all the information about the student's past transactions.

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