1. At the center level, click the Fitness icon.

  2. Navigate to Fitness > Roster.

3. Search for the student by name, mobile number, email address, or code.

4. Open the student profile.

5. Select the Products tab.

6. Click the orange arrow for the item that the student wants to return.
The Refund window appears.

7. Select the checkbox of the retail item.

8. In the Qty box, enter the quantity to be returned.
The refund amount is auto-calculated and displayed in the Refund Amount box.

9. In the Comments box, enter any notes that you want to add for the refund.

10. Click Proceed to Refund.
The Payment Method section appears.

11. Select how want to pay the refund amount. By default, the payment method is auto-selected based on the payment method that the student preferred to purchase the item.

12. Enter the refund amount for the desired payment method.

13. If you want to issue a prepaid card (store credits), select Issue Prepaid Card.

14. Click Refund.

15. Click Process Refund & Close Invoice to complete the refund process.

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