After completing a service, providers can either hand over the device to the guest to enter their feedback, or the provider can enter feedback on behalf of the guest.

Zenoti Mobile has four modes that providers can use to collect feedback from guests:

Mirror mode

Mirror mode allows you to set up a guest-facing payment mechanism. Guests can review the invoice and leave feedback about their experience.

1. Ensure mirror mode is enabled on Zenoti Mobile.

2. Hand over the device to the guest and continue to collect the payment.

3. The guest can review the invoice, add tips, request a receipt, and provide feedback for their service. The guest can rate the experience on a scale of five.

Guest mode

Guest mode allows you to present the device to guests so they can review the invoice, add tips, and leave feedback on their experience.

1. Open an existing invoice or create a new invoice.

2. Select a payment method.

3. Enter the amount to be collected from the guest.

4. Tap Collect.

5. To edit lock the invoice, tap the lock icon.

6. Tap Close Invoice.

The feedback screen opens.

7. Hand the device to the guest.

8. The guest rates their experience on a scale of five.

After the guest is done rating the service, a Thank You screen appears, prompting the guest to hand the device back to the front desk staff.

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