To check if a particular guest has filled a form:

  1. Access the Guest Details, Guest Profile, or Guest History page from the Appointment Book using any of the following methods:

  2. On the Guest Details page, click the Forms Unified View tab.

  3. Locate the form and click the Expand to view forms icon of the relevant appointment.

  4. Notice the status of the form next to the appointment date, and then take one of the following actions:

    • View the form - Click the View Form icon to view the details entered by the guest.

    • Email the form link to the guest - If the guest has not completed the form, email the link to the form to the guest, reminding them to complete it.

    • Fill the form, if the guest has reached your center but has still not filled the form.

    To fill the form, follow these steps:

    1. Click the View Form icon to open the form.

    2. Enter the details provided by your guest.

    3. Use the following options to complete the form:

      • Save: This allows you to save the information which you have filled. You can revisit the form and complete the details at a later point of time.

      • Submit and fill next: This appears only if you see multiple tabs in the forms.

        This allows you to fill the data in the forms and move to the next form.

      • Submit and Close: This allows you to submit the data and close the form.

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