Nina (guest) wants to return the gift card that she purchased on Webstore, and wants a refund of the amount ($500.00).

The front-desk staff takes the following steps to process the refund:

  1. Open the gift card invoice for Nina.

The invoice appears and the payment for the gift card is denoted as Online Banking (iDEAL).

2. From the I want to drop-down list, select Refund Invoice.

The Refund screen appears.

3. Select the checkbox beside the gift card and enter the amount to be refunded.
In this case $500.00.

4. Click Select Refund Mode.

The Payment Methods screen appears.

5. For the payment type Online Banking (iDEAL) enter the amount in the box
as $500.00.

6. Click Refund.

The refund is initiated amount will be transferred back to the bank account of
the payer (Nina).

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