Important: This payment option is only available in Netherlands.

iDEAL is an online e-commerce payment solution used in Netherlands and is based on internet banking.

iDEAL makes it easy for your guests to make payments for your services by allowing them to do a direct online transfer from their bank account.


iDEAL gives your guests the following benefits:

  • Secure Payments: All the transactions are done via the guest’s bank.

  • Easy: The guest logs in to the respective bank and proceeds to payment.

  • Instant Payment Status: The guest instantly knows if the transaction is processed or not.

iDEAL is available by default for all businesses in Netherlands.

Things to Remember

  • Zenoti supports iDEAL only for non-recurring payments on the Webstore such as purchase of Gift Cards, Packages and Non-recurring memberships.

  • Zenoti supports full and partial refunds for iDEAL payments in-store.

Workflows in Webstore

Nina (a guest) is purchasing a gift card on the Webstore. The following are the payment scenarios and their corresponding steps:


The following reports will display payments that are collected through iDEAL.

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