Can Analytics Plus customers edit Analytics Express dashboards?

No. Analytics Express runs off different data sources that are specifically built for Analytics Express dashboards. We do not expose these data sources to Analytics Plus customers.

Does Zenoti provide Tableau trainings for customers?

Zenoti does not provide Tableau trainings. We expect customers to already have expertise in Tableau.

You can refer to the following links to learn about the best practices of using Tableau:

Disclaimer: These links reference material from the Tableau website. Zenoti is not responsible if any subsequent changes are made to the content of these external links.

Can customers write custom SQLs with Analytics Plus?

Customers cannot write custom SQLs to enable connections of data sources with Analytics Plus. If you want to do this, you will require a dedicated Redshift cluster.

What happens if I change my username?

All permissions and favorites are associated with usernames. and will be lost on a change of username. This is applicable for SSO as well.

If you change your username:

  • All permissions will be lost and cannot be carried over to the new username.

  • All favorites will be lost and cannot be retrieved. Hence, it is recommended to note down your favorites list for mapping to the new username.

When do customers require a Tableau Desktop license?

If you require any functionalities beyond what Tableau Web supports, you should purchase a Tableau Desktop license directly from Tableau. We enable the server connection from Tableau Desktop by providing you the required credentials. Zenoti does not provide the Tableau Desktop license as part of the Analytics Plus offering.

For more information on the parity of features between Tableau Web and Tableau Desktop, refer to Feature parity between Tableau Online and Tableau Desktop.
Disclaimer: This link references material from the Tableau website. Zenoti is not responsible if any subsequent changes are made to the content of this external link.

Are there any restrictions on the types of dashboards that can be built?

Queries and dashboards written in Analytics Plus are timed out if they run for longer than two minutes. You must make the requisite trade-offs to your dashboards to ensure that they load within this time.

The following table provides estimates of loading speeds for various scenarios. Note that these estimates are indicative and can vary depending on factors such as amount of data, complexity of metrics, background jobs, and more.

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