In this article, you will learn how to:

  • Connect to Analytics Plus.

  • Create your own dashboard on Analytics Plus.

Watch this video for an overview on how to connect to Analytics Plus and create a simple dashboard.

To connect to Analytics Plus and create a dashboard

  1. In Zenoti, from the main menu, click Analytics.
    The Analytics page opens.

  2. Click the Analytics Plus tab.
    All the custom dashboards that you publish and mark as Favorite are displayed under this tab.
    Note: This tab is enabled only if you have signed up for Analytics Plus.

  3. To create a dashboard, click View All.

The Tableau Web interface opens on a new tab.

4. Under the Projects tab, click Analytics Plus.

The Analytics Plus page opens. All the dashboards that you create and publish are displayed on this page.

5. Click New Workbook.

The Tableau Web dashboard builder opens on a new tab.
The Connect to Data window displays all the data sources that are available in the Analytics Plus project.

6. In the Connect to Data window, search for and select the required data source, and then click Connect.

The New Workbook page opens with the selected data source displayed under the Data tab.
All the fields of the data source are displayed under the Dimensions and Measures sections.
Use the Marks section to make various visual formatting changes, such as the color, size, and type of the visual representation of data.

7. Drag and drop the required fields from the Dimensions and Measures sections either directly into the workspace area or into the Columns and Rows fields.

8. After you have created and formatted the worksheet, near the lower-left corner of the screen, click the New Dashboard icon.

A new dashboard opens with the newly created worksheet displayed under the Sheets section on the left pane.

9. In the dashboard, from the Sheets section, drag and drop the worksheet into the workspace area. Make any changes to the dashboard as necessary.

10. To save the dashboard, click the Save icon.

After you have saved the dashboard, it is displayed in the list of published dashboards on the Analytics Plus page.

Here is a simple worksheet in which we have selected the Appointments data source. This worksheet illustrates the number of appointments for each type of appointment status during a selected period (from Jan 7, 2020 to Dec 15, 2020). The colors indicate the split of appointments based on the gender of the guests.

Here is the dashboard after we have added the worksheet to it.

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