Step 1: Get Payment Methods (for QuickBooks) or Chart of Accounts (for Xero) from the Accounting Platform


  • If you add a new payment type in QuickBooks, you MUST do a manual sync of payment methods in Zenoti.

  • If you want to assign a new chart of account in Xero to a payment type in Zenoti, you MUST do a manual sync of accounts.

a. At the organization level or center level, click the Admin icon. Navigate to Organizations > Integrations > Accounting.

b. Expand the Manual Sync tab.

c. Sync payment methods (from Quickbooks) or chart of accounts (from Xero).

  • For QuickBooks, to sync payment methods manually, click Get for Payment Methods.
    All the payment types are synced from QuickBooks to Zenoti.

  • For Xero, to sync the chart of accounts manually, click Get for Accounts.
    All the charts of accounts are synced from Xero to Zenoti.

Step 2: Map the Payment Types in Zenoti

a. Expand the Payments Mapping section.

b. For Payment Header, select the payment type in Zenoti.

c. - For QuickBooks, from the Mapped Account in QuickBooks, select the corresponding payment type in QuickBooks.
- For Xero, from the Mapped Account in Xero, select the corresponding chart of account in Xero.

d. Click Add.

e. Click Save.

For Quickbooks

For Xero

Step 3: Add Payments in POSAccounting

a. Expand the POSAccounting Mapping section.

b. Click Setup Customer Account.

Read our detailed help article on the setup process on POSAccounting.

c. Click the Add Payment section.

d. Click +Add Payment.

e. Enter details in the Payment Id and Payment Account boxes.
Note: For Xero, Payment Id and Payment Account must be the Mapped Account in Xero that you’ve selected in Zenoti (in Step 2: Map the Payment Types in Zenoti) .

f. Click Next.
The payment type is added in POSAccounting.

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