Disclaimer: The POS functionality on Zenoti Mobile V2 is only supported on iPads and Android tablets; it is not available on iPhones and Android phones.


In this article, you will learn how to take a credit card payment in the new Point of Sale (POS) on Zenoti Mobile V2.

To take a credit card payment

  1. Open an existing invoice or create a new invoice.

  2. After adding items to the invoice from the list of services, products, packages, and memberships, tap Continue.
    The Add Discount section appears.

  3. If required, apply any membership and package benefits, campaigns, or discounts to the invoice.

  4. To navigate to the Take Payment section, tap Continue.

  5. Tap Credit/Debit.

  6. In the Amount to Pay field, enter the total invoice value. In case a guest wants to pay partially with different modes of payment, enter the relevant partial value.

  7. In the Tip field, enter a custom tip amount or select from the options provided - 5%, 10%, or 15% of the total invoice value.

  8. Optional: To split the total tip amount among the therapists, tap Split.
    Split tips window appears.

  9. From Saved Card drop-down list, select a card for payment.

  10. To add a new card, tap New Card and add the card details.

  11. Tap Submit.
    The card is added to the list of guest’s cards.

  12. From Terminal, select a card reader.

  13. To save the card with Zenoti, slide on the Save Card option.

  14. Tap Add Payment.
    The total amount due is updated on the invoice.

  15. To complete the payment, tap Close Invoice.
    You can also select Close + Print to print the invoice or Close + Email to email the invoice to the guest.
    Note: An invoice can be closed only when the entire payment against it has been made.

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