Disclaimer: The POS functionality on Zenoti Mobile V2 is only supported on iPads and Android tablets; it is not available on iPhones and Android phones.


In this article, you will learn how to split commissions in the new Point of Sale on Zenoti Mobile V2.

To split commissions in the edit item mode

  1. Open an existing invoice or create a new invoice.

  2. Add items to the invoice from the list of services, products, packages, and memberships.

  3. From the right panel, select an item added to the invoice.
    The section expands into an edit mode.

  4. Tap the split commissions icon.
    The Split Commissions window opens.

  5. To add commission for a therapist not selected for the service, select a provider from the drop-down list.

  6. Enter the percentage of commission the therapist will receive.

  7. Tap Add.
    The therapist is added, and the split commission is updated.

  8. Tap Done.

    The commission is split successfully. You can now proceed to further sections to complete the payment and close the invoice.

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