As a sales manager, you may have to deal with multiple challenges at a time. For example, designated owners of opportunities or leads may suddenly go on leave, other opportunities may pour in, and you may have to reassign opportunities quickly to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

To this end, you can reassign sales leads to new owners quickly and accurately. You can select multiple opportunities and assign a new owner with just a few clicks.

To reassign sales leads to new owners:

  1. Ensure that you are at the Center level.

  2. Go to Sales > Tracking > Opportunities.
    The Manage Opportunities window opens.

  3. Expand the Select Multiple Opportunities section.
    [Marked 1 in screenshot]

  4. Select the opportunities you wish to reassign.
    [Marked 2 in screenshot]

  5. Select the name of the sales owner using the Assign To option.
    [Marked 3 in screenshot]

  6. Click Update.
    [Marked 4 in screenshot]
    Zenoti reassigns the selected opportunities to the new sales owner.

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