Disclaimer: The POS functionality on Zenoti Mobile V2 is only supported on iPads and Android tablets; it is not available on iPhones and Android phones.


Amount gift cards are sold for a specific price and are not tied to any specific service. A guest can use the card to redeem any item that your organization allows.

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To sell an Amount Gift Card on Zenoti Mobile V2

1. Open the invoice or create a new invoice.

2. Tap Gift Card.

3. Tap Amount.

4. From the Expiry options list, whether you want to set the expiry date by the number of days or dates.

Based on the center's setting, this field may auto-populate a default validity period. Any date or days manually entered will override the default day populated as per the settings:

Date: From the calendar box, pick an expiry date for the gift card. Any balance in the gift card will automatically lapse after the selected date.
Days: Enter the validity period for the card in days. For example, if you enter 90 days, then the card will lapse after 90 days.

Note: Expiry shows Never Expires if your center does not allow gift cards to expire.

5. Enter the card number, price, and value of the card:

Card Number: Zenoti auto-generates the card number if your organization has enabled the organization level setting to auto-number gift cards.

Note: To modify the auto-generated card number, tap the edit icon. If you don’t see a number, then enter the card number manually.

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6. If the gift card can be redeemed only once, select One time use.

7. If the card is for another guest, select Other recipient.
A window opens asking you to choose the recipient for the gift card. After searching or adding the recipient’s name, select an occasion, emailing method, and tap Done.

8. (Optional) If you want the card to be emailed to the guest, select Email the gift card.

9. (Optional) To add a note, tap Add Notes.

10. Tap Add gift card.

The amount gift card is added to the invoice.

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