If you want to collect a recurring fee that is scheduled for a future date, you can do it using the Collect Payment Now button on the Membership Details page.

The button is available only when:

  • There is at least one recurring payment remaining.

  • There is no scheduled payment on the current date.

  • The membership status is not Frozen, Expired, or Cancelled.

To collect future recurrence fee

  1. Open the Guest Details page.

  2. Go to the Membership tab.

  3. In the Memberships column, click the membership for which you want to collect the future payment.
    The Membership Details page appears.

  4. Click Collect Payment Now.
    - If there are no failed or pending payments in payment history, a new invoice is created.
    - If there is a failed or pending payment, the existing invoice is opened.

  5. Collect the payment and close the invoice.

In the payment history, in the Collection Type column, this payment will appear as Manual.

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