Membership logs help identify events such as when a membership type was changed and by whom, when the status of the membership was changed and by whom, and more. This helps identify errors and enables easy correction. Using the logs, businesses can track the following events:

  • Membership amount collected
    Note: First collection will not be a part of this log, they will be found in invoice logs. For more information, see View Invoice Logs.

  • Membership payment type changed

  • Membership schedule change

  • Collect payment now

  • Redemption post cancellation/expiry change

  • Membership freeze

  • Membership unfreeze

  • Membership waive

  • Membership cancellation date/terminate date change

  • Membership status change

  • Collection status change

To view or download the logs of a guest’s membership:

  1. On the Guest Details page, go to the Memberships tab.

  2. In the Membership column, click the link to the membership for which you want to see the logs.
    The Membership Details page opens.

  3. To view the log, click the Show log link.
    To download the log as an Excel file, click the Log icon.
    You will find these at the top right-hand side of the page.

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