In this article, you will learn how to change the duration, update room details, and change service providers for service segments on Zenoti Mobile.

Learn more about service segments and how to define the time taken to execute each segment.

To modify a service segmentation

1. Open Zenoti Mobile.

2. Tap Appointments.

3. Select an existing appointment with service segments.

4. To modify the service segment, tap the edit icon.

The Modify Service Segment window opens.

5. To change service providers for the service segment, Tap Providers and select from the service providers list.

6. To change the service room, Tap Room and select from the list of rooms.

7. To change the length of the service, Tap Duration and select from the given options.

8. Tap Save.
The service segmentation is modified.

Note: Service segments can also be edited from the Calendar View and List View on the Zenoti Mobile App.

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