Now you can review forms in Reports V2. In the Forms report, all forms that have the Not Reviewed status will have a checkbox to select multiple forms to review. You can review up to 10 forms at a time. During the review process, you can view and review each form with just one-click.

To Review Multiple Forms

  1. Click the Reports icon.

  2. Select the Forms report.

  3. Click Run.

    The Forms report opens.

  4. To view only the forms that are enabled for review, from the Enabled for Review list, select Yes.

  5. To view the Not Reviewed forms from the Review Status list, select Not Reviewed, and then click Refresh.

  6. To select the number of forms per page, select 10, 20, or 50 from page size.

  7. To select the forms to review, use the corresponding checkboxes on each row. If required, use the select all button on the column top.

  8. Click Review

    The review page appears.

  9. Use the navigations buttons to view all the selected forms.

  10. To skip form, click Skip Form.

  11. After you review all the forms, click Mark as Reviewed.

    You will see a warning that tells you that all the selected forms will be marked as reviewed. Click OK.

    Note: When you select more than 10 forms for review, in the beginning only 10 forms get loaded. To review more forms, after reviewing the tenth form, click Load next batch.

  12. After you review all the selected forms, close the review page.

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