In this article, you will learn how to navigate the instructor app and explore Classes.

After logging into the Zenoti Mobile app, the first screen you see is the list of classes. Based on the device you are using, iOS or Android, you can navigate to Classes in the following ways:


1. From the menu options at the bottom of the screen, navigate to Classes.

2. If an instructor is assigned to multiple centers, tap Settings and select Center to switch to the relevant center.


1. To view the menu options, click the hamburger icon.

2. To view and manage substitution, from the menu, navigate to Schedules.

3. If an instructor is assigned to multiple centers, tap Center to select the relevant center.

Classes Tab

The classes menu on the instructor app allows you to view the following:

  1. The Calendar Icon
    This icon allows you to select specific dates and swipe left or right to navigate between months.

  2. The Filters Bar
    The filters allow you to filter classes based on the time of the day. You can filter classes scheduled in the morning, afternoon, and evening or all times of the day.

  3. The Class Details Pane
    You can view class details (date, time, duration of the class) and the number of students enrolled in the class.

  4. The More Icon
    This icon allows instructors to access the substitution management screen.

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