Generally, when guests have a good experience with a specific provider, they prefer the same provider for their subsequent visits. If the provider leaves, guests usually start visiting the business where the provider is currently working. This is a big loss to your business.

Due to the high attrition rate in the industry, it is important that your business retain such guests.

You can target guests who have had their last visit with an ex-employee and entice them to continue visiting your business.

Important: To segment guests based on an ex-employee, ensure that you terminate the employee. This is to ensure that the employee details are available in Zenoti and you can create a segment based on the ex-employee name.

To create the target segment

1. At the organization or center level, click the Marketing icon and navigate to Segmentation > Target Segments.
The Manage Target Segments page appears.

2. Click Add.

The Create a New Target Segment page appears.

3. Select Create Custom Segment and click Create.
The Create a Custom Segment page appears.

4. Enter the segment name and give a brief description of the segment.

5. Click Create.
The target segment is created without any rules.

6. From the Select Category drop-down, select Visits.

7. From the Select Criteria drop-down, select Last Visit by Therapist.

8. From the Select Operator drop-down, select is.

9. In the box, search for the ex-employee by name and select the employee.
Note: If you do not see the name of the employee, it means that the employee is deleted not terminated.

10. Click Add Rule.
The rule is added for the target segment.

11. (Optional) Click Guest Count to get the number of guests who had the last visit with the ex-employee.

12. Click Save.
The target segment is saved.

You can export the guest details of the saved target segment to an Excel sheet.

To send a campaign to the guest in the target segment, you must create a campaign with this target segment.

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