Your center’s daily operations are crucial to sustain your business and Zenoti ensures this by maintaining an effective uptime. This means businesses across regions rely on Zenoti for efficient and effective business operations.

There may be instances when certain parts of Zenoti can be slow due to server maintenance, or server upgrades and it becomes crucial for any business to know the exact reason for the slowness.

This article provides steps on how you can check the Zenoti's uptime status, subscribe to its status page, and receive alerts in case of server maintenance, upgrades, or partial downtime.

Before you Begin

You must know the Zenoti POD to which your business account is linked.

1. Open your business’s Zenoti login page.
For example, if your business name is Spa Bliss, navigate to the
The Zenoti login page appears.

Below the Zenoti logo, you will see the POD where your Zenoti account resides.

2. Make a note of the POD name.

Subscribe to Zenoti’s Status Page

1. Navigate to the URL

2. Alternatively, you can also open the chat button in Zenoti to view your POD
status and click the POD status to navigate to the Zenoti's Status page.

The status page opens and shows the system status.

3. Scroll down to view more PODS and check the status of your POD.

4. After you check your POD’s status, on the top of the page, click Subscribe
to Updates.
The subscription pop-up appears.

5. Enter your email address and click Subscribe via Email.

The POD page appears, and you must select your respective POD.

Note: All the PODs are selected by default.

6. Click Select None to clear all the checkboxes.

7. To select your POD, click the corresponding checkbox.
For example, if your POD is ASIA22a, you must select the checkbox
for Zenoti-ASIA22.

8. Click Save.
You are redirected to the main status page and a confirmation message
appears on the top of the page.
Important: You will receive an email from Zenoti asking you to verify your
email address and confirm the subscription. You must complete the verification
to receive the updates and notifications.

You have successfully subscribed to the Zenoti’s status page and you will receive updates and notifications in case of a downtime or a scheduled maintenance.


This legend lists out all the possible statuses and their respective color indicators.

Here’s a screenshot of the status page with different statuses for reference:

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