Device Settings

1. Zenoti Payment devices are not functioning properly when connected to ethernet through LAN port. What can I do?

  • When connected through ethernet, the network on the Zenoti Payments devices should be set to DHCP rather than static.
    To set the network to DHCP:
    - Ensure the ethernet cable is connected to the device
    - On the home screen press the number 9 key and green enter button.
    The device will prompt you to enter the admin menu PIN.
    - Enter the admin PIN - 4060
    The admin menu opens.
    - Navigate to Network > WiFI > IP Settings.
    - Select the DHCP checkbox to enable it.

2. Why does the device prompt to enter the PIN while using Apple Pay?

  • For Apple Pay, transactions are authorized through Touch ID or the Face ID on the Apple device. In some cases, the devices may prompt to enter the PIN and the guests must enter the PIN on the device. If the guests do not know the PIN, then they may choose another payment method.

3. The cloud icon on the device does not appear. What should I do?

  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi network and reconnect it back. The WiFi and the cloud icon will appear on the screen and you should now be able to process payments..

  • If there is an option to use a LAN cable, it is recommended to use this to reduce frequent Wi-Fi interruptions.

4. What are the printing paper specifications for Verifone V400m?

  • Paper Size: 2 1/4" x 50'

  • Paper Type: 48 gm Thermal

  • Core Size: 1/2"

5. What are the connectivity options for the Zenoti Payments devices?

  • P400M V400m: WiFi, SIM (4G LTE)

  • P400 Plus: wifi, ethernet (no SIM support)

  • E285: WiFi (only 2.4GHz), SIM (4G LTE)

6. Can the devices work in offline mode in case the connectivity is lost?

  • No. You cannot work in offline mode as the terminals require internet connectivity to process payment transactions.

7. How to access the sales done on the card reader/terminal?

  • To view a day's transactions on a terminal/card reader:
    a. Enter into the admin menu by pressing number 9 and green enter button
    b. When prompted for the pin: Enter 4060 and the green enter button
    c. In the menu that appears on the screen tap on Transaction (in case of e285 you may need to scroll to reach this).
    d. This will show all the transactions on the screen
    e. When done, press the red cancel button twice to go back to the home screen.

8. I am unable to process contactless payments to collect tips that are entered on the card reader. How do I resolve this issue?

  • When you are collecting tips that are entered on the card reader, you must tap the card twice. The first tap will collect the service charges and the second tap will collect the tips that are entered.

Tips and Refund

1. How can I collect tips for the Interac card brand?

  • You can collect tips for the Interac card brand via the Mirror mode and the WebPOS. Interac cards should be presented to the front desk while processing refunds. This means the card should be swiped or tapped on the terminal/card reader for processing refunds. Note: For the card brand Interac, tips are not displayed on the device (card reader) because tips cannot be transferred to the business and stay in the Zenoti account.


  1. POS screen freezes after I close the card receipt. How should I fix this?

    • Note: This issue occurs only for card receipts displayed on Chrome browsers with version 90 or above. Other browsers will not freeze when you take payment on the POS screen.


      If you are facing this issue, try the one of the following:

      1. Disable display of card receipt.

      2. Do not click the 'X' close button directly.

      Option 1: Disable display of card receipt.

      1. At the organization-level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organization > Settings > Invoice & Receipts.

      2. Scroll down to locate the checkbox Do not display card receipt when payment is added to invoice.

      This will disable the display of the credit card receipt. The front-desk staff, after taking payment will only see the Zenoti invoice. It is recommended to select either Print or Cancel on the card receipt first and then close the window of the Zenoti invoice.

      Option 2: Do not click the 'X' close button directly.

      If you wish to use the card receipt, it is recommended to select either Print or Cancel on the invoice first and then close the window of the Zenoti invoice.

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