If you have permission, you can also edit a class in the roster view.

If you are an instructor, you can change the class format and select a substitute. Moreover, if you are a manager, admin, or owner, you can also change the time of class and capacity.

To edit a class in roster view

  1. Navigate to Fitness > Roster
    The roster view appears.

2. Click the Classes tab.

3. Search for the class.

4. Click the pencil icon for the class.

The Edit Schedule Details window appears.

5. Edit the class name, select a substitute, change the time, select a different room, change the capacity, add or edit the virtual links, and finally the description.

6. If you make changes to either the instructor or the room, click Check Availability to see if there are any scheduling conflicts.

If there's any scheduling conflict, you can still choose to ignore the message and continue with the update.

7. Click Update.

The class is successfully updated.

If your studio has enabled email/text notifications for class modifications, the user and the students are sent an automated notification about the class change.

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