As an instructor, at times you may not be able to conduct a session. In such a case, Zenoti allows you to select a substitute who can conduct the session in your place. You can select the substitute even from the roster view.

Note: You can also select a substitute on the Instructor app.

  1. At the center level, click the Fitness icon.

  2. Navigate to Fitness > Roster
    The roster view appears.

2. Click the Classes tab.

3. Search for the class.

4. Click the pencil button for the class.

The Edit Schedule Details window appears.

In the Instructors section, you can see the list of instructors who can act as the substitutes.

5. Select the substitute.
The selected substitute is highlighted.

6. Click Check Availability to see if there any conflicts in scheduling the substitute.

7. To continue with the instructor update, click Update.
The instructor for the session is substituted and the Class Modification notification is sent to the previous instructor and to the students about the update.

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