Roster view shows a studio's classes for a specific day or for a week. Additionally, from the roster view, you can sell items, create new student profiles, manage schedules (based on role permission), close payments, update the status of registration, and much more.

Here's the list of actions that you can perform in the roster view:

  • Search for any student profile using the search box on roster view.

    You can search by student name, mobile number, email address, and student code specified on the Zenoti profile.

    If you do not find a student profile, you can add a new one by clicking +New Student.

  • Filter classes by instructors, class name, time and date, and class level

After you select the filters, click Apply.

  • Use the calendar button to view the classes for a particular date

  • Use the arrow buttons to toggle between weeks to view the roster

  • Use the date squares to view the classes for a particular day

  • Use the toggle to view the roster for a day or for a week

  • Use the Search box to look for a class in the Day view or Week view

  • Use the POS button to sell items: memberships, gift cards, packages, prepaid cards, and products

  • Use the three dots button to create a new student profile, manage cash and invoices, and close payments

  • Use options for each session in the class. These are edit session, view roster, and view available slots for the session.

If you have the permission to edit a session, you can edit the following details:

Important: While you are editing a session, you can also select a substitute instructor for the session from the Instructors section.

Select the desired instructor and Check Availability.

View Roster

Use this option to view the students who are registered and waitlisted for the session, the source of registration (store, web, classpass), payment details, source of registration, date of enrollment into the session, and sign-in status.

- Click the student name to view the student profile on Zenoti.

- Click the payment status to view the invoice details.

You may have to answer queries around balance credits in a package or membership. You can view these details from the roster.

At any time you want to exit the roster and view other sessions, click Hide Roster at the top of the page.

Use the following buttons to perform an action on the entire roster.

The icons after each student name indicates a specific status:

You can use the Status drop-down to sign in the student to the session .

To sign in the student, click +Sign In. If you wish to undo the sign-in, click again and confirm on the dialog box.

You can use the arrow in the Status column to perform additional actions on the registration.

If a student is already signed in, when you click the arrow, you can see the following options:

  • Use +Add to add student to the session based on the slots availability,

- Blue: Indicates that the session has no registrations yet

- Black: Indicates that the session is at full capacity and any new registrations have to added to the waitlist

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