Use this report to view the number of classes an instructor has taught, date of classes, duration of class, net price, students registered, students signed in, closed invoices and total users.

Important: If you see columns that have blue numbers or blue text, click them to view more details.

To run the report

  1. On the main menu, click the Fitness tab.

  2. In the left-hand side menu, click Reports > Roster.

  3. From the list of reports, click Roster Summary by Instructor.

  4. Select the required filter criteria and click Refresh.

Buttons to use

Filter Criteria




Report Name

List of roster reports

Lets you select the name of the report that you want to generate.

Employee Name

List of employee names

Lets you view instructor names.

Note: To generate the report for all employees, select All Employees. Lists the category of services available at the current center.


Last 7 days
Last 14 days
1 month
2 months
3 months
6 months

Lets you select the date or date range.

Note: To select a date range that is more than one year, select Custom.

Column Descriptions



Instructor Name

The name of the instructor.

Instructor Code

The unique identifier of the instructor.

Class Name

The name of the class.


The date on which the class is created.


The duration of each session in the class.

Net Price

The expected amount to be paid by the guest excluding tax. It is calculated as:

Net Price = Price - Redemptions


The number of students who have registered for the class.

Note: This number also includes any online registrations.

Signed In

The number of students who got checked in and confirmed for the class.


The total number of invoices closed by the instructor on the specific date or during the date range.

Total Users

The total number of students (registered, signed in, and closed) for the class.

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