For the front-desk staff of a busy center, it is difficult to check all the messages in ezConnect and reply accordingly. This sometimes hampers operational efficiency and increases manual work.

To make it easier, you can configure keyword notifications which will only display the existing messages that contain the specified keyword and notify you of new incoming messages with that specific keyword.

For example, if you add “booking” as a keyword, ezConnect will search for the term “booking” in all the existing and incoming messages, and display only those messages that contain the keyword. For easier identification, the keyword in these messages is highlighted in yellow.

To Configure Keyword Notifications

1. Launch ezConnect.
ezConnect opens.

2. From the Options Pane, select Settings > User Settings.

3. Scroll down and locate My Keywords.

4. In the Add keyword or phrase text box, enter the keyword.

Note: You can add a maximum of 5 keywords.

5. To add the keyword, click the blue plus (+) icon.

Note: To remove the keyword, click the delete (X) icon for the corresponding keyword.

6. Optionally, you can enable the following settings:

  • Sound Alert: Select the checkbox with the text Receive an alert when an incoming message has a keyword to hear a sound alert.

  • Desktop Notifications: Select the checkbox with the text Receive a desktop notification when an incoming message has a keyword to view a desktop notification.
    Note: Your browser should be configured to receive desktop notifications.

7. Click Save.

You have successfully added keywords for ezConnect. The added keywords
are highlighted in the left panel as well as in the main message.

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