A workshop is a special, non-repetitive class or event that can occur on one day or over multiple sessions on different days.

For example, for a teacher’s training program to train the trainers, for a yoga retreat or a yoga community event, you need to conduct the sessions on specific dates and at specific locations.

In Zenoti, workshops serve just the purpose.

Required Role Permission: Admin

Prerequisites: Before you begin, ensure that you have added the following for your studios:

To create a workshop

  1. At the organization level, click the Fitness icon.

  2. Navigate to Resources > Workshops.
    The Workshops page appears.

3. Click +Create Workshop.
The Create Workshop page appears.

4. In the General tab, enter the general details of the workshop such as name, level, duration, cost, and other details of the workshop.

5. In the Price tab, enter the price at which you want to sell the workshop.

6. In the Rooms tab, enter the room in which you will be conducting the workshop within the studio.

7. In the Instructors tab, add the instructors who will be conducting the workshop.

8. Click Finish.
The workshop is created.

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