After you’ve assigned instructors for the class, you can enter details for the catalog that appears on Webstore and CMA.

To enter catalog details for the class

  1. At the center level, click the Fitness icon.

  2. Navigate to Fitness > Resources > Classes.
    Open the class for editing.
    The General tab opens.

  3. Enter the General, Price, Room, and Instructor details of the class and click Next or simply click the Catalog tab.

  4. On the Catalog tab, enter the following information:
    - Upload image: Click Upload to add an 800x800 pixel image for the class from your local machine. This image will appear on your Webstore.
    - Show in Webstore and Mobile app: Select this option if you want to display the class in the catalog on your webstore and mobile app.
    - Display Name: Enter the name of the class that you want to

  5. Show on the webstore.
    Note: The display name that you enter here, need not be the same as the name of the class that appears on the appointment book.
    - Display Price: Enter the price at which this class must be sold online or enter the text that you want to display below the product name.
    For example, if your studio offers a live stream of classes for $19.99/month, enter 19.99 here.
    - Web Capacity: Enter the number of guests who can register for this class from webstore and mobile app.
    - Show Price: Select this option if you want to display the price that you’ve entered in the Display Price box.

  6. Click Save.

7. Click the Schedule tab. This step is applicable only when adding a class.
The Schedule tab opens.

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