After you’ve added the general details for the class, you must enter the session price that will be applicable at each center.

To enter price details for the class

  1. At the center level, click the Fitness icon.

  2. Navigate to Fitness > Resources > Classes.
    Open the class for editing.
    The General tab opens.

  3. Enter the General details of the class and click Next or simply click the Price tab.

  4. On the Price tab, enter the following information:

  • Center Name: Select the centers where this class will be conducted.

  • Tax Included: Select this checkbox to include the tax in the session price.
    Example: If your session price of a class is $100 and the percentage tax in the assigned tax group is 5%:
    - If you select the Tax Included checkbox - the session price becomes inclusive of tax and the session price of the class appears as $105.
    - If you do not select the Tax Included checkbox, the 5% tax is added additionally to the session price. On the invoice, the price of the class appears as $100 and $5 as tax.

  • Session Price: Enter the price at which you want to sell this class, which is inclusive of tax if the Tax Included option is selected.

  • Tax Group: Select the appropriate tax group for the class from the dropdown list.
    Important: To have a tax group listed in the dropdown, you must associate it to the center.

5. Click Save.

Note: If there is a future schedule in the class and you do not select the center name, an alert message appears to say that all class schedules for this center will be deleted. Confirm your choice and proceed.

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