A level tells you about the difficulty aspect of a class. For example, your business may offer a class for different levels: 1, 2, 3, and 4 where,

  • 1 is for yoga Beginners

  • 2 is for yoga with Moderate difficulty

  • 3 is for Intense yoga

  • 4 is for High Power yoga

You can add the level of a class in the class name to help the guests view the difficulty aspect of the class before they book the class. This is especially useful for Webstore and mobile app. For example, Yoga Sculpt 2, can be a class name where 2 indicates is the level of the class.

Role Permission: Admin or Owner

To create a class level

  1. At the organization level, click the Fitness icon and navigate to Setup > Levels.

3. Click +Level.

4. In the Level Code box, enter the unique code that you want to assign to the level.

5. In the Level Name box, enter the name of the level.

6. In the Sort Order, enter the order.

7. In the Description box, describe the level.

8. In the Html Description box, describe the level that should appear on the Webstore or CMA.

9. Select the Active checkbox to make the level available to be used for creating classes.

10. Click Add.
The level is created.

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